Wishes & Want-Tos

I have just finished reading a book entitled, “Twenty Wishes” by Debbie Macomber. It’s a book about a handful of widows that make a list of twenty wishes of things they might want to do to bring a spirit of joy back into their lives. This book stirred up my own thinking about the things […]

Humbled & So Grateful

Friday was my last day of working at WCA. It’s a work and ministry I have loved serving in, and a job I was sad to be leaving from. When I drove to work on Friday morning, my heart was heavy with so many conflicting emotions. I was sad to go, but excited about where […]

Girls & The Glass Ceiling

These were the notes I had written in my journal on this day last year. I believe that real girl power lies in doing good for the folks and community around us – the measure of which lies in the real difference we have made, not just the feminist notch that was gained. “As I […]

Remembering Mom Today

Today would have been our mom’s 77th birthday had cancer not whisked her away so many years ago. My mom. Our mom. There are six of us that call her mom. Mom. So thankful for the woman she was. Strong. Steady. Consistent. Trustworthy. Determined. Industrious. Thoughtful. Orderly. Intelligent. Dependable. Welcoming. Diligent. Brave. Loyal. Stubborn. Good. […]

This Treasure in Us

This treasure in us. We often attribute it to so many things, don’t we? Our good marriage, beautiful family, intelligence, organizational skills, business success, friendship connections, goodly heritage. We share with so many how to do it, how we do it, how we made it, how we created it. And it’s good to be good […]