Letting Go

Today marks the 9th day our Dad has been in the hospice home.  This is the 9th day he has been without food or water. Just about every organ in his body has shut down, his body has withered to skin and bones, he can no longer see, he doesn’t respond to sounds, and he […]

Death is a Gathering Place

Death is a gathering place. Our Dad is dying. He is being cared for in a beautiful hospice facility in our town, and they are making him as comfortable as he can be at a time like this. Death is a very uncomfortable event. It’s a painful process to experience and to watch. There is […]

Preparing for Good

School starts at Wade Christian Academy in a few short weeks. As the Administrative Assistant I enjoy the summer months as a time to prepare the office, resource room, nurses station, records room, data base, and curriculum resources to be in tip top shape for when the teachers arrive for orientation and students arrive for […]

From This Day Forward

From This Day Forward. These were the words I wrote in the middle of the sermon our pastor preached out of Philippians chapter three a few weeks ago. He was talking about forgetting those things behind us, and moving forward. He was talking and I was listening. Moving forward successfully has been my consistent goal […]

Sunday Church Day

This morning I’m thinking how thankful I am that Sunday has represented Church Day for my whole life. I’m thankful for the weekly punctuation I learned early on in life that was to be added into my life for the sake of my spiritual health. “For bodily exercise profiteth little: but godliness is profitable unto […]

Me & This Girl

Me and This Girl. We go back as far as ten months after my birth. My longest standing friend. My favorite female gal. This Girl and I have talked every single day since the beginning. No matter how far apart we have been geographically placed over the years, we have always found a way to […]